Monday, March 9, 2009

Rock n' Roll Daybed

Woo-hoo! Z was feeling ambitious on Sunday and hung his guitars on the wall. It's been on the to do list for sometime so it made me very happy ;)It's not really decor choice #1 for me, but I promised him more "man space" in the new house and easy access to his guitars. And pardon the hideous array of pillows - they are a mixture of seat cushions from our old red glass table in the condo, two hideous ones that came with our Big Lots couch and a couple I'm not even sure where we picked up!

In other good organizational news, the gathering of our tax info prompted the completion of another important project - the filing cabinet cleanup. I've been in such a good mood today and I'm sure it's because this massive effort is off my conscience. Funny thing is - it didn't take that long to finish once I started.

And while I'm finishing projects, another couple I hope to cross of my list include the sale of a lotta junk and the liquidation of some KJB Designs pieces. So, when I heard about one of our local schools holding a spring cleaning sale, I just knew I had to sign up. Yep, I'm getting a "booth" at Waters Elementary's First Annual Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Market Day. I figure I'll be a cross between an artisan and a rummage sale. The spot is only $20 and I get to keep all my own sale proceeds. This mini-garage sale seems like just what I needed.

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