Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just some stuff...

1) Potatoes? Decided it was not for me. I know sugar isn't good for me, but I'm going with a rule my Dad liked to enforce, "Everything in moderation". I particularly enjoyed listening to him give my sister this lecture after she came home trashed ;-)

2) Remember the free fancy face repair serum I won from Lucky Magazine? Loved it's immediate effects, but after about a month with no other changes to my routine - breakout city. No thank you!

3) I've been moaning about feeling fat lately, searching for some answer. And though she isn't always my favorite RHONYC, I bought Bethany Frankel's book, Naturally Thin. What can I say, girlfriend looks fabulous on this season and I was curious what she had to say. There is a helluva a lot of name dropping in the book and I can't say it is telling me anything revolutionary, but it's a good reminder of how I think I used to eat! Now, all that being said, reading the book and such, I'm down about 6 pounds so I think just reading has been helpful!

4) We finally pulled the trigger and are having an interior drain tile system & a sump pump put in our basement. Cha-ching$$$$$! Let's hope it stops the water leakage problem.

5) We are all battling yet ANOTHER cold. Ugh. I can't wait for spring/summer to fully "stick" so that hopefully the sickness will end!

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