Thursday, March 12, 2009

Changing Tastes

When I was a kid, I didn't like many foods - Alfredo sauce, fish (especially Long John Silvers - my Mom & sister *loved* to drag me three!), mustard, Velveeta cheese macaroni (my poor Mom had to choose - Velveeta & shells for my sister, good ol' powdered Kraft mac n cheese for me). As I've gotten older, my tastes have expanded. Now I love all sorts of fish, including sushi, which I never thought I would I would eat! And once I year I try to give things like olives, dill pickles, and mustard a chance. At this point I still don't understand their allure, but at least I'm willing to try!
My most recent discovery? Greek yogurt. Holy crap, it's so good! Now I have to admit, I didn't stumble upon this myself. I recently attended a Junior League of Chicago Book Author Luncheon. The author for the day was Missy Chase Lapine and she mingled with the crowd before the event began. I mentioned my 2 year old fish stick eater and she suggested I cut his Ranch dip with Greek Yogurt. It's high in protein, you can purchase a fat-free version and provides calcium. What a great idea! Also at the luncheon, we tasted her brownies. Whoa! Love, love, LOVED them! They were moist, fudgey and all around delicious. Who knew you could put spinach into a brownie? I wish I could have hung around longer that day to get my book signed.

I'm excited to try out my copy of The Sneaky Chef. And for anyone who has never tried Greek yogurt, definitely check out the 0% honey flavor - it's awesome :-)


TCP said...

The pomegrante greek yogurt is really good too. :)

Also? Now I am craving brownies, so thanks for that. And I doubt I will find any that contain spinach around here.

Jacqueline said...

I tried a different honey greek yogurt after you & another Kim I know both raved about it. It was much better than my previous experience with that stuff. (Im not a big yogurt fan anyway.)

Just checked out the Sneaky Chef from the library. Figured hiding some veggies from myself is probably good too.

It seems I'll do pretty much anything you suggest! :)