Thursday, August 7, 2008

There's a Monkey on my Back

Ok, I mean Henry's back and it does not have a long "leash" like tail! (decided against that route for those concerned) I am usually somewhat immune to adorable children's stuff with considerable price tags. That, however, flies by the wayside when there are monkeys involved. And apparently mod styled monkey's on backpacks really fall into that category...And in case monkey's don't strike your fancy...perhaps penguins, pigs, dinos, sharks, lions, bees, rabbits or polar bears do?
So big kudos to the folks at Dante Beatrix for realizing that even little guys need their own backpacks and they need to look cool (ok, maybe that's my requirement...).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A friend recently pointed me to these adorable notecards from MINNIE & EMMA correspondence and I'm can I not buy these?! I mean the sample already shows how adorable they'd look with H's name and he will need notes for 2nd birthday gifts (neveryoumind that isn't until February)And how adorable to send as thank you notes from me?

Monday, August 4, 2008


A million things have been buzzing through my head since my last post, but nothing is really coming together into a coherent post. So, just one little thing...

Huge thank you to Colleen over at Not Quite Vintage! She mailed me her free copy of comfort food by Kate Jacobs. I have already begun to devour it. So far, I like it. And she tossed in a very sweet note, a gorgeous notebook for me to keep track of my home decorating inspirations and some adorable scrapbook papers. A lovely snippet of those is pictured above. She is so craftily (yeah, I made that word up) talented and thoughtful! I'm so amazed at the wonderful people you can "meet" on-line these days.