Thursday, February 8, 2007

9 MORE DAYS?! Get out of my belly!

Well, now I'm done. Little guy is fully "cooked" and I'm ready for him to come out. Techincally there are 9 (well really 8 - there are only 2 hours of day 9 to go as I write this) more days until my due date, but I'm puffy, huge & uncomfortable. Baby B's being paged to the outside world and he needs to answer soon!

I blame my OB. I figured I'd go a full 40 weeks. Then I went in at 36.5 weeks and she said - we have 1 cm, 70 effacement and his head is at station -1. In non-prego speak, she said - I think he will be here in the next two weeks. Well, the end of that "next two weeks" was this Wednesday. When I saw her at 37.5 - she said she didn't think she would see me for my next appointment - which again, was this Wednesday. A full moon, suspected to send pregnant women into labor, has come and gone! I'm now at 3 cm and wondering how it's physically possible for me to cruise around like that?!

And so I wait. Wednesday I got a fresh pedicure. Today I got a haircut. I strolled the aisles of T.J. Maxx at a slow pace over lunch because walking was sort of painful. I made Z take me to Target tonight for more walking/shopping. I am ready. And waiting. The car seat is installed & in the car. The tiny clothes are washed. The diapers are in the dresser. Beetle B. - come on down!