Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy HDog in his PJs!

Feelin' guilty that I was grumbling over H so much yesterday...so - this little guy (aka Happy HDog) is what makes it all worth it!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The giant plastic uglies that rule my life...

Feeling kinda grumpy today because we had a rough weekend with Henry. And we've been "messing" aka training his sleep, and it's not going well so I'm completely wiped out. Cranky Henry is NO FUN. Other people comment on how fun their children are at this age (5 months this weekend), but it's tough for me to "enjoy" him when I feel like half my day is him yelling at me :-( Other people's babies are laughing and smiling...mine is grumbling and screaming. Ugh. So, in more attempts to keep little bugger happy, we are now the proud owners of this "little" number...

And for the record, it's the MOST expensive one on the market and ZACH insisted we get this one. There was another one with nearly identical toys, that was $20 cheaper. Zach went so far as to do best 2 out of 3, rock-paper-scissors with me and he won. So most expensive exersaucer is now Henry's.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Police Reunion Tour stops at Wrigley Field

Z & I scrounged up last second babysitters (props to Z's coworkers C&C!) and hit the street to drum up Police tickets. Well, we didn't find tickets, but we really hadn't started to look when we ran into Z's coworker S. She was headed for the rooftop of Sports Corner & had one extra ticket! A quick talk with the doorman, and probably a bit too much cash later, we were up on the rooftop! I'm not a huge Police fan, but it really was a great concert. All their old favorites, a beautiful night and a great view into Wrigley. I tried to take a couple photos with my camera phone, but they all sucked. Here's a shot I found on-line that was our exact vantage point - pre-concert - not too shabby!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 5th of July!

So it's a day late, but Happy 5th of July! We had a great weekend. Spent time downstate at the Floatilla and then took Monday & Tuesday off work to just relax. Z did more work than he should have, but all in all it was good. Yesterday we finally met little Nolan (my friend Rachel's baby who was born preemie at 30 weeks) and had a little cookout. Now I'm trying to "work" for two days before the weekend. Yeah...right...