Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Police Reunion Tour stops at Wrigley Field

Z & I scrounged up last second babysitters (props to Z's coworkers C&C!) and hit the street to drum up Police tickets. Well, we didn't find tickets, but we really hadn't started to look when we ran into Z's coworker S. She was headed for the rooftop of Sports Corner & had one extra ticket! A quick talk with the doorman, and probably a bit too much cash later, we were up on the rooftop! I'm not a huge Police fan, but it really was a great concert. All their old favorites, a beautiful night and a great view into Wrigley. I tried to take a couple photos with my camera phone, but they all sucked. Here's a shot I found on-line that was our exact vantage point - pre-concert - not too shabby!

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