Friday, March 27, 2009

Do these foo dogs make my shelves look fat?

I've been kinda searching for a set of foo dogs (or more, just keeping my eyes open and yes, I know I read and am influenced by too many design mags/blogs!) and came across these last night at Marshalls! Only $15 a piece and they are white, which is what I wanted. Still working on the perfect solution for my shelves and I wanted to go with all white objects so they will really stand out against our dark grey wall (the fireplace wall is a shade darker than the rest of the room). So, when I saw these foo dogs, excited, but somewhat torn! See the problem is, they are big, like 18" tall maybe (too lazy to measure!).

Oh and for the record, my husband's response? "If I brought something that crazy ugly home, you would send it straight back out the door!"

Anyone else have a set?


Jacqueline said...

I like foo dogs. I think they'd be a cool thing to have in your white object display.

Traci Giles said...

Does this have anything to do with a certain sister who lives in the Orient? . . . .My crazy MIL has these but they are antiques and are some metal. I'm not a fan of hers but I like yours--the white ceramic against the dark grey is soft and modern. My living room is also grey/white.

Heaven In A Paper Cup said...

Traci - you know, I realized Pam could probably get a set *dirt* cheap!