Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potatoes? Really?

As usual, I've been struggling to eat healthier, but it seems that every time I try to make a change, no matter how gradual I try to ease into it, I end up falling off the wagon and heading right back to my carbs, carbs and more carbs diet. It's weird because I feel much better when I balance my diet, yet somehow I can't stick to it. I blame being a skinny kid with an amazing metabolism. I can remember going to Taco Bell, drinking a large Mountain Dew, eating an entire Mexican pizza and then topping that off with three more tacos! Still skinny as a rail. *sigh* Those were the good old days (though horribly unhealthy!).

So, in my seemingly endless quest to straighten up, I googled sugar addiction, because I'm pretty certain I'm addicted. I found the book Potatoes Not Prozac and the author's website, Radiant Recovery. On her website, the author posts this quiz:

Am I Sugar Sensitive? See Which Apply to YOU (Me)
I really like sweet foods
I eat a lot of sweets
I am very fond of bread, cereal, popcorn or pasta

I have problem with alcohol or drugs
I am in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction
One or both of my parents are alcoholic
One or both of my parents are/were especially fond of sugar
I am overweight and don't seem to be able to easily lose the extra pounds
I continue to be depressed no matter what I do (maybe not depressed per say, but definitely in a funk)
I often find myself overreacting to stress
I have a temper or short fuse (my poor husband!)

If you checked:
3 or more, it is very likely that you are sugar sensitive.
5 or more, you have come to the right place! Let's explore an answer you have been looking for a long time. You don't have to live with the craziness you have experienced for so long. You can work with the simple solutions and change your life. Get Potatoes Not Prozac and read it carefully.

I'm only a few chapters in, but so many of the behaviours I've read about are totally me. The author compares sugar addiction to alcoholism and basically claims that unless treated properly it is very, very difficult for the sugar addiction to "cure" him/herself. Who knows if this works, or if this will work for me, but so far I like the concept and plan to continue reading!


Frenchy said...

I’ve just finished reading your post on sugar and found it very interesting. Yes, North American people eat way too much sugar, like 160 pounds per person per year! WOW, is that crazy or what? And we wonder why we’re sick. After 15 years of practice, that’s the one thing I’ve noticed with clients when they attempt some type of diet/program. They just can’t give up sugar or carbs. Because of this challenge, I created a program to help people kick the sugar habit once and for all. It’s called So far, it’s helped hundreds of people get to the next level of optimum health. This is only one part of my journey to help people achieve a better health. You can also follow me in my journeys my blog at, where you can find lots of information.
Best Regards
Nancy Desjardins

Jacqueline said...

Looks like I'll be headed to the library tomorrow.

You mentioning all the crap you could eat & still be skinny reminds me of when I was a skinny teenager eating tons of chips & my aunt told me it would catch up with me one day...I thought she was wrong. *sigh*

john Wilson said...

I loved your opening comment on your blog.
i have also had my struggles with sugar.
i found the book potatoes not prozac to be hugely helpful.
i ended up going to the Radiant Recovery website and realized it was the place for me.
after 6 years of doing the Radiant Recovery program I am sugar free and loving it!

-John Wilson

Heaven In A Paper Cup said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'm still reading the Potatoes book and trying to work on Step 1. Frenchy - I'll stop by and check out your site as well!