Friday, February 20, 2009

Lamp Love

I did a bit of much needed clothes shopping at Marshalls yesterday on my lunch hour. However, I cannot shop at a Marshalls without perusing the home section. I saw the cutest lamp. Round silver base with a chocolate brown shade. It was $29.99. I *really* wanted to buy it. And then I realized, I don't own any table lamps. Nor do I have a place for any!? How cute is this:

I've decided I really want a pair of table lamps for our bedroom once we get bedside tables figured out. We are most likely going to need some sort of custom tables, probably built in wall shelves actually, because of the storage drawers in our bed and the small width we have to work with. My mom keeps trying to tell me table lamps won't be as good to read by and the lamp will take up too much room on our nightstands, but I really, really love this look:

(nyclq from Rate My Space)

(David Jimenez)


Shelley said...

I really love the top picture, because the base of the lamps are so narrow.

Your mom is right - the light isn't the best to read by. But it's better than not having the table lamps!

Lisi Family said...

How about these awesome beauties I picked up at IKEA Shanghai over the weekend? Cheapest pieces of crap ever! One of them was missing the black pieces of plastic that gives them the lovely 2 tone look! So now they are both white in back and black/white in front. But for only 99RMB each they were a steal!