Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can't say the move in process is complete. We finally had to dig out the mud room a couple weeks back. That had been my dumping ground for "stuff". If it didn't have a home yet, I dumped it in there. That had to end sometime. It felt really, really good to clear it out.

Lately I've been looking around and realizing we have entirely too much stuff. It's hard because I feel like the stuff is part of who I am. As far back as freshman year in college I can remember people coming to me if they needed something. I've always enjoyed being the person with the perfect "thing", or solution whether it be clothes, shoes, tools, medical supplies, whatever. But it's not like I haven't known I have too much stuff, but lately, and maybe it's the economy, it's started to actually feel like too much. And really, I could get rid of a LOT and still have all the perfect things. I really want to start weeding things out, but it is so overwhelming to think of where to begin! Just a few things I need to organize and sell:

  • Old KJB Designs stock. For anyone who doesn't know, I used to have a small side business making jewelry. I made a fat ton of stuff for my booth at the JL holiday fair years back and I swear I still have some pieces from that. I should really sell this stuff, even if it's at bargain basement prices. It's just taking up room.
  • KJB Designs supplies. The massive number of semi-precious beads I have sitting around again, is staggering.
  • Vintage clothing. I have a good number of vintage pieces that I have purchased over the years that either never fit, or I just didn't find a way into my wardrobe properly (black puff sleeve sweater dress, I'm talking to you!)
  • Electronics. I know we have many, many pieces of slightly older electronics that should be shown the door, ebay style, because even if we only made a small amount, the sum would really add up.
  • Wrought iron decorative pieces. I had a major passion for this stuff for a few years. I've put a few pieces of it up here, but the rest feels tired. A craigslist lot could do nicely for this.
  • Clothes. I did take a small step last week and tried out a new consignment shop in the neighborhood. However, in the strangest consignment move in history, the woman did not want my COH jeans!? I have a couple pairs of the Faye style that I've just never worn much (the wide legs just aren't my thing) so I thought it was time to let them go. I mean, I know skinny jeans are more the thing these days, but seriously, I still think she could sell them in a heartbeat. Again, ebay, or maybe fashionswap needs to get these suckers.
  • Purses. I truly need to take inventory and made some tough choices. I'm gonna guess my purse count is over 50 and who knows, might be much higher than that.

While I'm rolling on the organizing topic, I'll add another list (mostly for my own purposes) of places that really need a solid hit in the cleaning/purging/organizing department:

  • Garage. I need to take a few choice piles of stuff from our massive garage shelves. I know of at least one kitchen box that has never been opened post move. I may discover its all crap, but still, it should get opened. There are also massive numbers of CDs and books out there, some of which (books that is, not CDs), should be loaded into the guest room shelves.
  • My closet. I'm not happy with it's layout and again, there is way too much stuff in it to begin with. I'm certain their are pieces that even if I were skinny enough to not loaf into them I wouldn't want anyhow.
  • Upstairs linen closet. I'm so happy to actually have a nice sized linen closet, so why, oh why is it poorly stuffed?
  • Filing cabinet. I approached this project with gusto earlier in the summer. Then I slowed to a halt because it was boring and never got back on track. The "to be filed bin" is now massive.

Whew! I do feel a bit better even after just listing all of this. Yet somehow each evening the allure of GossipGirlANTMGreysAnatomyBrothers&Sisters, etc pulls my fat ass to the couch. Perhaps if I organized & unloaded the stuff I could also successfully get rid of the extras pounds I'm hauling around in my jeans these days!?


TCP said...

But if you purge all your stuff, who will be our go-to person for the perfect thing?? ;)

I kid. I totally get where you're coming from and need to do the same thing myself, or else this new kid is not going to fit into the house!

If you want to use my site to unload some of your KJB designs, I bet we could figure something out. Just let me know. And I'll be happy to take some of your matenrity stuff off your hands temporarily! :)

Kim said...

LOL! I was just thinking about you this morning - you need to come get some coats! Email me, you can definitely lighten my maternity clothes load temporarily ;-)

And thanks for TCP offer. I'll think about it!

Jacqueline said...

You do always have the perfect thing. You seem to share my love of gadgets too (For example, I have both an avacado peeler & an avacado slicer!)

It always feels good to get rid of stuff. I've been slowly ebaying stuff away. Just dug some retired Pampered Chef stuff up & am donating it to a friend's silent auction. I need to reclaim my space!

Once you've finished your stuff, you'll have to come to the Lou & help me w/ my condo...Clean Sweep style.

Im fashion dumb...what are COH jeans?

Kim said...

I need a job working for Clean Sweep. Or really I want to be Oprah's team - they are doing a whole series on declutter/organize. I may have lots of "stuff" but it's always well organized (well, for the most part).

And yes - I have an avocado slicer too!

COH jeans = Citizens of Humanity. Fancy-schmany jeans. ;-)