Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheap & proud

So, our food bills (grocery & dining out) have been so high in the last few months that it's embarrassing. Like I'm not going to admit the number embarrassing. Maybe they have always been this high, but with the new house budget, I'm now tracking it closely and it cannot stay this way.

I've always enjoyed clipping coupons. Something about the ritual of going through the Sunday paper ads and snipping good deals makes me happy. I'm not always as good about using said coupons, but hey, gotta start somewhere right?

Anywho. My latest obsession is scouring the grocery store ads and planning our meals to utilize what is on sale. And stocking up when things are on sale. You can imagine my pride when I received my grocery store receipt today to see:

Total spent: $55.94
Total savings: $21.02

Yippeee!!! (yes, I know, I'm a complete nerd)

Next up, I need to try The Grocery Game. It's supposed to cross reference store coupons with manufacturers coupons so you can save the most. I received an immense amount of satifaction today when I purchased Land O' Lakes butter buy one get free for $3.19 AND had a coupon for $.50 off. I scored in the raisin department this way as well.

We do also shop at Costco, but I'm beginning to have concerns about just how cheap it really is to buy in bulk. I think I'm often wooed by products that aren't all that great of a deal. Ok, sorry, what was meant to be a quick post about saving $20 turned into quite the rambling on cutting grocery costs!


Linda said...

I've been intrigued by the Grocery Game. I'd be interested to hear about what you think if you do try it.

Kim said...

I'll let you know if I do! I'm afraid it might be too much work - that is what has stopped me from signing up thus far...

Jacqueline said...

Congrats on your savings! $20 at the grocery store is quite impressive.
I used to be so good about coupons in college. I even was in a coupon swap w/ people around the country.
Maybe you'll finally be the inspiration I need to actually cut the coupons out (right now I just save the page) & actually bring them to the store!

TCP said...

I'm impressed! Been trying to do the same's it insane what we spend on food for only three people.

Definitely let me know what you think of the grocery game. I've seen lots of chatter about it online, but it seems like it's skewed a little towards the South?