Friday, January 16, 2009


Henry is rapidly approaching two years old. Valentine's Day is the big day. He really is at a fun age and we feel very fortunate that he is such a big talker for his age (I didn't say much at all until I was nearly 3). He is very curious and I swear you can just see his little mind working as he examines things. He seems to know almost all his letters and can sing the beginning of the alphabet. He can count from 1 to 10, but won't do it if you ask, I only catch him doing so on his own! He can also count down, at least from 4 to 1, as he did so last night while pushing rubber duckies into the tub.

Now, all of those things are great fun and I really am enjoying him these days, but that being said, it's coming with a wicked stubborn independent streak. Two days ago I practically had a wrestling match (scary how strong a 2 year old is, or does that show that I am weak?! troubling.) with him to get his shirt on. He gets very mad when you remove his jammies, unless of course he is watching television while you do so. We are also having some strong words when there is food involved. I have tried giving him options and it works sometimes. But other times, it's like he isn't listening, or just doesn't care and he won't answer when I ask, "turkey dog or chicken nuggets"? (I know, I know, thrilling culinary choices!). So, I make a choice, sit him down and the table and we get screams and protest. I tell him to "use your words" and all I get are "NO CHICKEN NUGGETS!". Which I will say is a vast improvement from the "NO WANT IT" phase we went through, but still, not really the desired conversation a tired, stressed mom wants to be having.

I'm sure that this too will pass, but I'm gonna throw it out there, mom's who have been there, done that, what have you done to help encourage GOOD behavior from your kids regarding routine things like getting dressed, eating meals, etc? I've read 1-2-3 Magic and we are getting ready to lay down some house rules and some time outs. There is some info about timers and positive reinforcement charts, but I'm just wondering if 2 is too young? Any input welcome!


TCP said...

I'll trade you The Happiest Toddler on the Block for 1-2-3 Magic, if you're interested in reading it?

I don't have much advice, although we have started time outs (standing in the corner). According to Super Nanny (ha!), you should only do a minute for each year of age. So we do two minutes, and M will stay there. However, he doesn't usually see it as a punishment. He will on occasion ASK for a time out. So I'm not sure it's a great deterrent. Generally, he only gets time outs for hitting/kicking, which is our big issue.

Heaven In A Paper Cup said...

Thanks - sounds like a deal! Can't say H has ever been the happiest anything on any block, but I'd guess it's worth a read.

No hitting is what we plan to start with for time-outs. Hitting me (though he thinks its funny), hitting things (like wacking a wooden maracha on the furniture), etc. seems like a good starting point.