Monday, January 5, 2009

Fatness Fog

I'm lost in it. Stress snowballed over the holidays, along with my waistline. While hanging with my family, I just let it all go. And I wasn't really holding on that tight before the holidays! So, now I sit working in my yoga pants, because although I can get into the jeans, they certainly aren't comfortable.

I know, I know, a few of you who know me in real life would say, "You are not fat". And really, I'm not saying I'm fat, just flabby, inactive and not healthy. Can't remember how much I spilled about my back pain, but beginning in August '08, I suddenly developed some pretty sharp back pain. I went to my regular doctor. She said, ice and Advil for 5 days. Check. Still hurts. Waited a while. Still hurting. Met with an orthopedic specialist who sent me to physical therapy. Physical therapy helped, but did not alleviate the problem (which is probably a bulging disc around my L4 or L5). It totally sucks. I feel like a 33 year old woman in a 65 year old body. I cannot bend straight down and pick a basket of laundry from the floor.

So, I'm not going on a diet. I've tried that in the past, been wildly successful with losing pounds, but haven't committed to a lifestyle change. I need to work out and eat healthy on a consistent basis. I spent too much time being lazy in my relatively naturally thin body and I'm paying for it now. Can't say I have a super detailed plan just yet, but I'm reading SuperFoods HealthStyle (taking inspiration from Kath Eats Real Food - thanks!), trying to make some gradual changes, and stick to them.


TCP said...

Well, yes, this: "you who know me in real life would say, "You are not fat".

But if this is something you feel compelled to do, good luck. And perhaps I'll join you in April or so!

Kim said...

Thanks TCP!