Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking Up

Things around here are starting to look and feel better. Thank goodness, since the holidays were a pretty lousy funk for us this year. First, a few random notes:

  • My beloved Granny passed away on NYE. My brother in law said she did so just in time to renew her soul as a New Year's baby. I like that thought. And that she & my GrandDad are together again after two long years apart.
  • My sister's family is rapidly preparing for their move to China. My mother is out helping my sister pack. The best part is, we've all purchased web cams and joined Skype so we can see one another and talk for free. I swear I've seen more of my sister, my nephew and my parents because of it!
  • Henry slept through the night last night! As did I, for the most part. I have been battling some pretty nasty insomnia that I'm pretty sure goes hand in hand with my own stress and Henry's separation anxiety.
  • My house is clean :-) I swear, I would cut out a meal, or clothes or something vital before I would lose my bi-monthly visits from my cleaning ladies. They rule!

So, I'm finally starting to feel more balanced and optimistic about 2009. Amazing what a couple days of healthier eating and one single better night of sleep will do! I've been bouncing all sorts of thoughts about my get healthy plan around in my head and have decided the time has come to jot them down. I've really realized that slow and steady is my main goal. I want to make small, manageable changes that I can always come back to if I slip up. In past I've been very all or none - super healthy or super unhealthy and I think it has been my downfall all along (cue music & light bulb symbolizing revelation...). So, here is the beginning of my list, which I plan to slowly build on as my habits improve:

  • Make better food choices - Chose to eat whole foods - less processed, more fruits, more veggies and lean protein.
  • Walk 30 minutes, 6 days a week.
  • Complete ab work after every walking session (this will help my back pain)

So, that is all for now. I want to start some strength training, perhaps focusing on one muscle area per session, but I decided last night to just do walking & abs for a little while. I think too much too fast it what does a lot of people in when starting a regimen.

Oh, and I have been eating a ton of salmon in the past few days. My husband cooked the most delicious planked salmon recipe this past summer while having TCP family over for dinner. We made it again for my family over the holidays and I had forgotten just how amazing it was. I seriously might need my husband to make me a giant piece of salmon like this every week. Anywho, I've gotten off track of my reason for mentioning the salmon. I know salmon is supposed to be good for your skin. Frankly, I've been feeling pretty fat, old and wrinkly lately. I'm sure the sleep deprivation hasn't helped, but I swear I think all the salmon is helping in the skin department. I just looked...better this morning...can't quite explain it. Wonder how quick that is really supposed to help, or if I am just imagining it...

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