Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The marketing gods, they know me well...

I just received this email from my pals at Starbucks...
"Over the past six months, I've received a ton of goodideas from Starbucks Card Rewards members who want tosee us expand and improve our rewards program.Membership recognition, flexible payment options, andmore everyday value are just a sample of what I hear.
We're getting ready to incorporate benefits like theseinto a new membership program, and I'd like to give youa sneak preview. In early November, you'll have theopportunity to join Starbucks Gold and take advantageof significant everyday value and exclusive member benefits.The annual membership fee is $25 and it entitles you to -

* 10% off most purchases in participating U.S. Starbucks stores*
* A free drink when you purchase your Starbucks Gold Card in a Starbucks store
* The option to pay for purchases any way you like
* A special Gold Card that identifies you as a member of this group

And if you register your Gold Card, you'll unlock additionalbenefits. That's when the top-shelf treatment really begins.This is a program for people who really love their Starbucks.

If you're enjoying Starbucks Card Rewards benefits, such asfree syrups, milk options and refills on drip coffee, thenwe hope you continue to do so. But if you're looking for dailysavings on everything from espresso beverages to espresso machines,you should check out Starbucks Gold. (Please note that StarbucksCard Rewards discounts cannot be combined with Starbucks Golddiscounts.)

We're letting you know about Starbucks Gold early, so don't besurprised if your barista doesn't know about it yet. You'll beable to find out more when you visit your neighborhood storenext month.

Brad Stevens

vice president
Customer Relationship Management"

Me likey. A lot.


Jacqueline said...

Wow...you're a Starbucks VIP! And I thought I was special because I always get coupons to try out the new stuff for free (smoothies, oatmeal) but I didnt get a fancy invite.

Kim said...

LOL! I doubt I'm a VIP, but Lord knows I should be. I have registered with the site before and registered gift cards there, so maybe that is why. Oh and I once sent them a note requested DECAF chai because I know it exists. I got that free oatmeal coupon recently too. Yum!

Jacqueline said...

Decaf...that's a good idea. I would like them to get sugar free chai. One of the smaller coffee places here has it & it's really good.