Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inspiring design

I have decided if I could live in non-toddler land, non-budget conscious land, I would want to live in a fabulous Kelly Wearstler/Jonathan Adler-equse hotel lobby-equse palace. I love the whole Hollywood Regency style and love to mix retro/vintage with newer pieces. And COLOR! Love lots of color in my home.

I adore reading decorating blogs and I am crazy addicted to watching Top Design (although - Kelly, honey, what were you thinking with this ensemble?). I've randomly been searching for a vintage sideboard for our living room. While doing so, I ran across some super cute pieces I'd love to have in a dream home, for really reasonable pricing! I know nothing about buying this type of furniture in terms of what is quality vintage and what is not, but I know what looks good. Check out a few of these choice pieces from ebay seller artcollector-usa:

Seriously, this seller has so many cool things I'd love to have in my home in insane! But, who knows what shipping would be like. *sigh*

On an annoying side note, anyone good at posting pictures with blogger?! Placement of them is so f'ing infuriating!

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