Friday, October 24, 2008

Calendar round-up

Two years ago I purchased my first calendar from etsy seller ilee, and I mentioned them last year around this time. My 94 year old granny adores them and specifically asked for a new one last year, which is awesome because what else do you get for a fabulous 94 year old lady?!

But, that being said, my eyes have been opened to so many other fun calendar possibilities this year! So, a little round up since I haven't made up my mind yet...

First off, of course is ilee's for the year, which sells for $22, which I do still enjoy:

Some say it's a bit too dark this year and are instead opting for PaperSource's slightly cheaper option, at $18.50:

Moving away from the letterpress category, into the lovely eco-friendly, slightly more expensive ($34), but no less cute world is one I read about over at dooce. An adorable wooden version (note to wooden calendar peeps - dooce's photo is better than yours AND you really should show all 12 months when trying to sell a calendar):

Then a decor post from Apartment Therapy Chicago about birch wood prints took me back to my love etsy and seller SureAsBlue, with these postcard calendars for just $11.99:
And then I realized, search for desktop calendar on etsy and you will be overrun with these suckers! A couple more of my favs...

And lastly because I ran across it, a shout out to my preppy friends, a whale planner for $25 by etsy seller sarahpinto! It seems Granny's gift might be a bit tougher to select this year!


TCP said...

LOVE the whale planner...your preppy friends thank you for remembering us. ;)

Dan @ said...

You have a great point about showing more detail about calendars and photographing them better. We took your hint and have added all 12 months for the Night Owl calendar you mentioned in this post. Not sure if the pics are as HQ as Heather's awesome shots, but we're working on it.

We've also added photos for some of other favorite calendars: Whimsey & Delight Calendar by Driscoll Design, Snow & Graham Mini Desk Calendar, Snow & Graham Desk Calendar, Snow & Graham Wall Calendar.

Thanks for the mention and photography tip. You have a very chic blog!

Kim said...

Wow! Big thanks dan@redstamp - glad I could help you with the suggestion and I appreciate the compliment on my blog!