Monday, July 21, 2008

Would you put this on your kid?

Henry & I are gearing up to travel. Alone. And I'm already fearing it. Really the biggest challenge will be getting myself, Henry, a giant carseat and a suitcase from the parking garage to the airport. And getting everything packed in and loaded for baggage checking. Once we've dropped off the "stuff" we'll be in good shape. But how on earth do I do things that require both hands and not have him completely run away from me?!

Man, there is a TON of chat out "there" about child harnesses, leashes, etc. Lots of it is super negative, claiming using one of these is lazy parenting and that one should teach their child to behave properly (I did read one incident where a mother had leash on a 7 year old! Ok, that, in my opinion, is wrong!). But other parents are definitely supportive, reminding us all that you don't know what it's like to walk in another parent's shoes and in busy places sometimes being safe is the best choice.

So at nearly 18 months, with limited vocabulary and unlimited running skills, would it really be a bad thing to put a cute little monkey backpack on Henry so he can do his thing without me losing him? Hmmm...


Jacqueline said...

I think the backpack "leashes" dont look too bad (though that pic is kinda scary but I know it'd be cute on).
Also, I dont think it's lazy parenting to have one of those on an 18 month old in a crazy airport. Lazy parenting is letting your kid kick the seat of the person in front of them the entire flight! (Or any other situation where the parent decides to tune out the kid & make everyone else suffer!)

Of course, I only have cats. :)

Anonymous said...

You can also turn your carseat into a stroller with the GoGo Kidz Universal Travelmate Car Seat Trolley. Check out this gadget:

Kim said...

I actually bought a GoGo Kidz travel thingee! But, I think I have solved the problem another way entirely. Talked my Mom into buying a carseat for her house ;-) So I don't have to lug it along at all!