Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Me on TV?

I did an impulsive thing today. I applied for Design on a Dime! I've never really seen the show, but have seen many an HGTV design show. Apparently there is a Chicago HGTV office. There was a post on our local parenting website asking for Chicago area volunteers ASAP and I thought cool! Maybe I'm crazy, because I could hate it and it's not like it's a high end make-over. But, they foot the $1,000 bill and I get a room redone.

When we moved into this house, I put our entire suite of bedroom furniture into the guestroom downstairs because a) I wanted to start fresh both furniture & decor wise and b) we really wanted a queen sized bed. So, I put our current master bedroom up for sacrifice. It's painted a wimpy blue color. Every bit of furniture that is here is a hand-me down except an armoire that actually belongs to Henry's room and the West Elm desk I just bought. We have yet to splurge on that proper queen sized bed, so we have a full size set on one of those crap metal frames with wheels. So what's to lose? I'm hoping I could at least score a nice paint job out of the deal!

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