Monday, June 23, 2008


Picturetown has come to Chicago. Or at least to my house. I casually mentioned to Z a while ago that I might like a nicer digital camera. So he & Henry bought me a Nikon D40 for Mother's day! What can I say, I was totally swayed by the Picturetown ad campaign. And I'm totally loving it. I have no clue how to really use it to it's full extent, but I love that I can just zoom, point, shoot and the color is amazing. A couple of recent shots...

1) I don't think I've ever seen so much detail of Annie show up in a photo. Usually black dog + photo = blur of black fur. And on another note - poor girl has gotten a lot of grey hair in the last year!
2) Only photos like this can help you truly appreciate what beautiful blue eyes Henry has. Gonna break some hearts with those baby blues someday!

1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

Henry looks like such a little boy these days (vs a baby)!

Poor Annie & her gray... Im happy she's still alive after that drama!!

Congrats on the new camera