Friday, June 13, 2008

Money Tree

I keep joking that Z & I believe this house came complete with a Money Tree. Just to illustrate, a few items our Money Tree has purchased in the last month:

Dark brown "leather like" (yes, I said leather like, we've got a dog, a toddler & friends running around down there!) sofa:

50" plasma Samsung TV for the lower level: and the corresponding TV stand for gianormous TV:
Zach's pride and joy, the massive gas BBQ grill:

Another TV stand, but this one for our main level for our tiny (husband's description) old 40" TV:
A new much smaller desk for my "office" within our bedroom (mine is actually chocolate brown, but the picture was much better for the black one):

AND, I bought four of these chairs off Craigslist for just $40 and will hopefully close the deal for a corresponding table for just $100!
See what I mean about that MONEY TREE?!?!

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