Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long overdue house update

Well, I've been meaning to post all sorts of things about our new house adventure, but needless to say sprucing up the new house and plotting to spruce up the new house have taken over lots of my time.

I think I'll start at the bottom and work my way up.

  • garage - Garage, glorious garage! My lovely father built us shelves. 16 feet long x 2 feet deep. One whole wall of storage shelves! The scary thing is, they are FULL. Not packed tightly, but still full. How the heck did this stuff fit in our 1200 sqft condo?!

  • backyard - Z & I fail at gardening. The previous owner apparently took master gardening classes and planted over 100 bulbs in our tiny backyard. When we closed on May 2, the yard was beautiful! I wish I had taken a photo. Now, we've got a bunch of weeds threatening to take over, over grown flowers and plants and some serious work on our hands. Sigh. Oh and I totally need to post of photo of our antique, though functional lawn mower. Was my great, great aunt's and though it's a bit heavy, it does the job.

  • lower level - Coming along nicely! The guest room is all set up, complete with a double bed & a set of trundle beds. The closet down there houses our home computer desk. It fits perfectly in the space. Z's guitars will also receive top billing in the room. Hopefully we will get them mounted on the wall. In the family room, I've painted one accent wall in a gorgeous shade of blue, we have purchased a massive 50" TV, a small console to put this monster TV on, and a lovely brown couch. The TV arrived last week, but we are still waiting for the console & couch, so for now, the lower level is a giant open KID RUN!

  • main floor - I think I've finally settled on a paint color. This was a major production and *many* quarts of paint latter, we'll be painting a dark taupey grey. It's not a color near and dear to my heart, but I swear it's the only color that goes with the cherry cabinets, blond floors, black appliances/counter tops & the cobalt/copper tile back splash! Whew! Also, my lovely mother scouted this gorgeous Silver Shine Mirror by Pier 1 for the perfect fit above our fireplace.

  • front porch - Z planted a lovely mix of orangish/red impatiens & white geraniums in our huge built in flower box. We really need to water them more often! My grandma's old wooden bench has moved to the porch. It needs a coat of paint, but it's a great place to sit and relax in the evenings...I think. Haven't have time to try that whole "relax" thing just yet.

  • upper level - Far from complete! We have some changes floating around, but nothing is set in stone. I just ordered this lovely desk (minus the hutch) from West Elm to make a small workstation for me in our bedroom. Everything else is still just a dream at this point!
WHEW! So, that's the update from new house land. I'm trying to keep my anal nature in check and just enjoy it, but I can't wait for everything to be in place & just the way I like it! I promise many more pictures and updates once I get things closer to the state I'd like them to be in!

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Jacqueline said...

Garage! Im SO jealous!

You are so great a decorating, Im sure it will all be fabulous.

Cannot wait to see it! (Though I will have to since it looks like lat Sept/early Oct will be my first chance to make it to Chicago. One of these years I really really really will take a year off from training for a bike ride!)