Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Money management for lazy folks (like me)

I used to be meticulous about budgeting. When I got out of college, I *literally* wrote down every dime I spent and then compiled it into a spreadsheet to track my expenses. As I got older and life grew more complex. I relaxed a bit. No tracking every penny, just the major expenses. Then I got married. Balancing a checkbook? Nah - we're fine without that. Budget? Huh? Don't get me wrong, we save lots of money and are in good financial shape, we just aren't very organized in this regard. Scary coming from me, Mrs. Anal Retentive.

Anywho - enough about me & my continually building laziness. is like Quicken for slackers & on-line junkies. Join up, add your bank info and viola! Beautiful pie charts showing your break down of spending, easy budgeting, automatic updates for new transactions, the list goes on and on. I am simultaneously mesmerized by the beautiful charts and horrified by the amount we spend dining out!

And, it turns out the back engine of this whole thing is yodlee, which is already used by tons of major financial institutions so that makes me feel safer about entering my info.

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Jacqueline said...

Your decline of money tracking sounds much like mine...except I have been downloading my info from my credit cards for years but I never pay much attention to how much Im spending on what.

I do know what I spend on dining out is WAY out of control.