Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, things are chugging along in the real estate side of our world. Sorta. I'm wiped out from all the talking, budgeting, strategizing, blah, blah, blah. An update, as quick I can summarize all the shit that has gone down:

  • We are still fighting with the mortgage company. Our broker is a complete assclown. We've gotten multiple financing extensions and he still can't get his shit together. Then, once he did, the contract stated we cannot receive cash from the seller at closing. Which totally screws us out of $10,000! So, we called up citimortgage (our current mortgage lender) and started working with them. *Hopefully* it will all be straightened out by Tuesday. Hopefully.
  • We received two offers on our condo on Saturday! One was a low ball and their agent let us know they were up for bargaining. The second was $20,000 higher, which is great! But, their financing looks a bit shaky.
  • A third buyer was sort of in the mix. Our agent really thought this couple was going to put an offer in this weekend. He called them to give them an update and was informed that the buyer bought another unit in our complex that just went on the market this TUESDAY! I'm so ticked. We did the hard work for them with all the showings, getting them familiar with the complex and then the other unit just waltzed onto the market and swiped them from us. Must have been a good solid offer too since they are already under contract.

Ugh. I just want this nightmare to be over with! I know I should be thankful we have two offers. But I'm nervous. And actually two units joined us on the market this week. The one that sold and another one in the same building. I snooped through their open houses today. They are nice units. Very nice. And their kitchens have ours beat any day. Double ugh.

Hopefully we'll have a resolution soon. My head may explode if we don't.

Oh and to add to the mix, I earned a new patch on my Motherhood sash this weekend. I've now been puked on. Yep. Little man has a lovely, projectile vomiting illness. And to add insult to injury, he seems fine during the day and then vomits all night. Triple ugh.

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