Friday, March 28, 2008

Sunny Basement

So, I am already mentally decorating our new house. However, with the potential roof repair, we are definitely on hold with any upstairs changes. So, I'm concentrating on the basement. I use the term "basement" loosely, as the basement is only two steps below ground and has fantastic light.

The main area in the basement will be combo family room/"manland"/Henry's play space. I've decided this photo will be my inspiration:

Of course this is what I'm starting with (not our furniture though): I'm thinking the wall behind their tv will be painted the yellow (possibly Pottery Barn's semolina). The carpet is going to be replaced and I'm pretty sure we are going with a grey or charcoal with some texture. Something that won't show kid/dog traffic ;-) And, this rug that currently lives in my office at the condo will go down somewhere...

I like my decor so much bolder than the current palette at our new place. I'm ready to jazz it up!!!!

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