Friday, March 21, 2008

I fail at blogging.

I want to blog. I think of things to blog when I'm not in front of my computer, yet when I sit down and have time, I usually feel the need to say something witty, fail miserably and then just skip posting altogether. So, instead of being witty, I'm just going to post several random thoughts. Enjoy.

1) Chicago weather sucks. Easter should be all springy & pretty and instead it's snowy and crappy. We are heading downstate tomorrow, which will help a bit. H will wear his seersucker suit in the snow!

2) I want lots of new furniture for the new house. I can afford none. I've spent way too much time googling for Queen sized platform beds with pull out drawers underneath. Can't decide what color wood or color scheme in general I want to go with in our master bedroom. Hmpf.

3) I have a sore throat. HDog has a snotty nose and a cough. Poor kiddo.

4) I need a nap.

5) I need to get more work done than I have been getting done in the past few weeks.

6) The battery in my new Palm Treo 755 blows royally. It runs down a charge in like a day.

7) I am currently a sugar addict. All the house stress and the losing our nanny stress drove me to sugar. And caffeine. And large amounts of both. Thinking about doing this crazy detox thing that my neighbor did recently to kick the habit. Wondering if I can survive a couple days of lemon water and "cleansing".

8) Think we got H's nanny sitch figured out. Found a lovely family with a little girl to share a nanny with. And they already had the nanny, which is the hard part. The little girl & H get along really well too.

9) I'm done. Have a good weekend. Hope someone is having a sunny, proper Easter!

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Jacqueline said...

This really made me laugh...our brains seem to work the same.

I am the same way about blogs...I think of stuff to blog about while in the car & then by the time I get home & at the PC, it just seems to lame to type about.

STL is not much better...maybe no snow but it's 40 & overcast.

We now have the same yours burgundy or blue? My battery usually lasts at at least 2days...unless I use the web a lot.

Maybe the weather people are wrong & Easter will actually be nice.