Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I love getting things in the mail!!!! Letters, postcards and even more so - packages. It makes me happy. I look forward to the UPS guy, the Fedex guy and sometimes even the postal worker (I loathe USPS as a general rule). So, today will be a good day because these goodies are arriving:

Lovely brown/cream zebra print bathing suit
from Land's End that will camoflauge
my post-baby belly during Henry & I's
Memorial Day trip to East Hampton:

I hate that all H's clothes are crazy with prints & animals & other stupid things, so when I discovered American Apparel sold solid, non-pastel colored baby clothes I was all over it. These pants are coming for H in black, white, brown, navy & red and these onesie's in brown, navy & red:

Z & I have a wedding to go to on Friday night. It will be our first big night out together since H arrived! The wedding will be outside in Grant Park's Rose Garden if the weather cooperates. We bought the bride & groom these monogrammed wine stoppers & a $100 GC to Binny's Beverage Depot:

Like I said, today will be a good mail day :-)

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