Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Friends

We had a really great weekend. Friday night Uncle Will & Aunt Amanda came over and watched our man H. Z & I went out together for the first time since he was born! We attended a wedding for one of his co-workers. The wedding was outside, downtown in the Rose Garden in Grant Park. Beautiful ceremony with perfect weather! Then the reception was at the Swisshotel. Really nice and good food - even if we only made it to about 10:30 p.m. We were so tired we thought we might pass out at our table!

Saturday morning, H decided to sleep late - until 7:30! Of course he chose this day, when we needed to get up and get moving to do so. We hopped on the road around 8 a.m. and headed downstate. At high noon, we, along with a bunch of other family & friends, surprised my bestest friend, C with a congratulatory party since she just finished her masters degree. She was genuinely surprised! It was so much fun! It was so great to see them all and H to meet her "aunt" ;-)

C & I love that our husbands actually like each other. And really sincerely enjoy hanging out, which isn't always the case with good friend's spouses. Obviously the men are having no trouble since they took off for several hours to the local winery and returned sufficiently drunk!

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