Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work in progress...

I'm so excited to complete our master bedroom and bathroom. I kinda felt like our master in the condo was unfinished, maybe because we kept the walls white.

So, you saw a glance of the dark teal (BM Calypso Blue) in our bathroom and now for the bedroom update! We had the bedroom painted two shades lighter than our bathroom (BM Seaside Resort). I kind of chuckled when I saw the first full coat in the room, it totally looks like Tiffany Blue! This picture didn't show the color very well, but here's the overview:

Mad props to my lovely husband, for hanging our bedside "tables". Since we have West Elm's storage bed, we needed some sort of solution that would maintain our access to the drawer at the head of the bed. So, the wooden cubes that used to hold our desk hutch up received a coat of paint, a few screws and voila! Beside tables were born. The color below is more true to life:

And, next, let me profess my love for Target! The acrylic ball lamps pictured, are new (pardon the plastic still on the shades), courtesy of the big box giant. I was leaning towards crystal and saw a fab pair at HomeGoods, but they weighed a TON! We did make sure we hit wall studs in hanging our tables, but I don't think I want to test that too much, so finding these classic acrylic lamps was perfection.

I did find two super cute leather jewelry boxes by Milano Series during that same trip to HomeGoods and couldn't believe the fabulous color match:

So now I just need a visit from my seamstress (a.k.a. Mom) to turn this gorgeous peacock inspired fabric into a wall of floor to ceiling simple drapes, the width of the bed.


Linda said...

I love the hanging bedside table. What a great idea!

Jacqueline said...

As usual, the room looks great. Love the box nightstands too.

I really like that West Elm bed...much prettier version of the plastic drawers I have under my bed.