Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In honor of Earth Day...

I saw a news spot this morning on TerraCycle. Then, it was mentioned on Oprah as well! Seems like a really cool company and it's inspiring to think of it's CEO, who is a Princeton dropout, took an idea, ran with it and is rapidly becoming a huge success. Now where is my fabulous idea?! Anywho. These people upcycle all sort of stuff, creating products like flower pots, kites, tote bags, the list goes on and on. Can't say I want to carry this, but I like the idea:

(photo courtesy of
Also, very worth mentioning, you can sign up to join their recycling "brigades", sending in used wrappers of different types and they will donate money to the organization of your choice. Very cool!

In other upcycled news, there are some very cool things to be found on etsy:
If only Henry were 6, this adorable t-shirt:

Or a GIRL! - what cute dress made from a vintage tablecloth:
Or perhaps, miniature recycled tin dress shaped earrings?

Ooh - or this tunic, made from a men's dress shirt and a necktie!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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