Tuesday, February 5, 2008

H's Hot Dog Birthday

It's hard to believe, but H will be 1 on Valentine's Day!!! My sister, brother-in-law, my two nephews (ages 3 and 6), my parents, Z's parents, and Z's brother Will are coming to help us celebrate. We are having a whole hot dog themed fiesta!

We have yellow & red plastic baskets for serving dogs, red checkered table cloths, red & yellow plastic ketchup/mustard bottles, instructions for making the "authentic" Chicago dog, Z will make chili for chili cheese dogs, hotdog shaped hats for H & my nephews...I can't wait!

Naturally the birthday boy has a special ensemble to sport...we have professional photos of him snapped in it over the weekend and I think they turned out really well!

I know some people would be sad to see their 'baby' turning one, but I'm actually quite excited about it. He can still be a crabbypants from time to time, but mostly, he is a fun little man now! I don't miss the tiny baby days - they aren't nearly as fun!

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Anonymous said...

So so cute!! -Jacqueline