Monday, February 11, 2008

Freaking out...

So, really all of this is good, but it's much...all at once...

  • Our nanny, Katie, called in sick on Friday. Something seemed a bit off, but I just shrugged it off. Sure enough she tells me we need to talk this morning - she's pregnant! I adore Katie even just as a friend, but this means she and her husband are moving back to Poland at the end of April and we are nanny-less! Ugh.

  • We looked at this fantastic vintage two flat this weekend. I'm possibly going back this afternoon with our contractor to take another look.

Home Sweet Home?

  • The first floor and basement are totally finished out and in move in condition. The third floor is rented out and the current renters are leased through May. Our thought is to eventually add a master bath and turn the entire third floor into all bedrooms, making this two flat into a single family home. We would probably wait a year or two to do the conversion because the first floor & basement is definitely enough space for us now and if we collect rent from the upstairs this entire building would only cost us about $500 more a month! It has a nice small yard out back and a big 2 car garage.

  • I need to get tons of work done, but have ZERO urge to do so. Like none. I've been dealing with real estate nonsense all morning.

  • H's 1st birthday is Thursday! My entire family is coming on Friday, including my sister, her two boys & husband, who are staying at my house. Our hotdog themed birthday fiesta is Saturday and it will be my family and Z's.

Really I'm excited about all of this, but I kinda feel like I might explode!!!! Yikes!

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