Monday, January 22, 2007

Room for the "Beetle"

Well folks, here it is - little "Beetle" B's new room! First his "closet", glider & book bin (curtains compliments of Nana):

Next his changing table/dresser - the shelf pegs above it will eventually have toys hanging from them to entertain the little man while having his diaper changed. And I'm working on some artwork to set on top of the shelf. And beyond that - a close-up shot of his crib. There was still to much "stuff" lying around his crib for me to take the full on shot. But you get the idea. We will be putting up wooden letters spelling out his name hung with strips of fabric that match his crib once he arrives.

And lastly, I've included this older picture in this post because it shows off his rug, that sort of brings this all together.

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