Monday, August 21, 2006

Damn thieves

Well, Z & I have had trouble with our joint credit card number being stolen. The jerks that have stolen never steal much, $20 here, $30 there, but it adds up. I believe we are on our third card for our VISA. It's a PITA.

I'm very anal about checking our bank & credit card accounts. This is what helped me catch the jerks pulling money from our Amazon card. Well, this morning, I log into my personal CC account and it's been flagged for suspicious activity. I call, and some jerk in Massapequa, NY went on a nice little bender with my personal CC. I'm so bummed. I've had this card for *years*. I have the numbers memorized so I can buy online freely :( and now no more.

What sucks most is that in all of this - we have never had our physical cards stolen. How are these assholes getting our info!?!?