Monday, August 21, 2006

1 Week European Vacation - Where Should We Go???

We'd like to take a little "Babymoon" because we are realizing, there will be no European vacays again for a while, and if we have them, they are going to more of the National Lampoon's variety than the romantic moonlight strolling variety!

So, here's the factors we've come up with:
1) One week max (vacation time limitations)
2) Must stay in one hotel for the duration, a Hilton (free from points!)
3) Sometime in October
4) Nothing too strenuous as I will be nearly 6 months pregnant
5) No Italy (Zach hates it), Spain, Paris or London (we were at the last three last fall)
6) Good food a must

Some current contenders:
1) Prague, CZ
2) Athens, Greece