Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I hate saying "No"

Since having Henry, I'm realizing I need to learn to say "No". It's so hard. There are many, many things I'd like to do, but by accepting more things, I'm only stressing myself out. Unfortunately, I'm still bummed to pass by things I'd like to do. Such as:

1) Take on more new people at Junior League. They need help with some of the women joining in January. I'd love to jump in and help because I've always enjoyed working with new members.
2) Get back to volunteering with Off the Streets Club. I used to at a minimum, attend the 3rd Thursday program where we take a bus from downtown to the club on the 3rd Thursday of each month. I'd spend the evening hanging out and having dinner with the kids. They are such a great group. I miss them.
3) Join our condo board. It's currently filled with old farts who are so out of touch (except my neighbor) with what most people I know would like to see happen for our great association.
4) Work out. Ummm - yeah, maybe if I skipped sleeping?

I'm sure there are zillion other things, but those are what come to mind right now. I just started reading I was a really GOOD MOM before I had kids.

Seems like a pretty funny story about how everyone tries to be SuperMom and how it's okay to be frazzled and how to deal with it!

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