Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Annie is one smooth dog.

So last night I got up to feed Henry and when I put him back down he was wide awake. So needless to say, we were awake for nearly an hour from 4-5 a.m.

Annie was just at the vet yesterday and got some meds for hives. So she was sleeping with us last night since she took new meds. She was sort of moving around and wouldn't settle while Henry was crying. So I grabbed her so she would spoon with me. That lasted a few minutes and she flipped over and put her back against Zach (leaving me w/her scratchy paws - thanks!). Then, she wiggled her whole body further upward until......she got her head onto Zach's pillow!!!! I started laughing! Zach just bought this crazy expensive pillow that he loves and the dog wants a piece!

Last night was not her first adventure in sleeping with a pillow:
And no, I did not put her there!