Wednesday, June 6, 2007

4-month sleep regression a.k.a. HELL

Well, after being a pretty darn good sleeper, H has decided to go back to getting up multiple times a night. At least 2. I was doing great with just one. One time a night was totally manageable, allowing me at least one 4 hour chunk of sleep, sometimes 5 and then another 2 to 3 hour chunk. It was beginning to feel like a normal amount of sleep, and I had learned to function pretty darn well on that.

I am back to googling every resource on infant sleep and discovering that this regression is NORMAL. Ugh. Not fun. Apparently it means he is gearing on all sorts of new skills that occur around 19 weeks, so since we are at 16 weeks as of today (yay! 4 months!), it means we've got a few more weeks of this waking up crap. Double UGH.

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